The Lifting Diaries: Cravings

Dear Diary, Ever since I've been home, eating healthier and much cleaner has been a breeze. Well kind of. You see, all of my meals are delicious, yet simple and nutritious. But about once a month, around that time--alright, the period cravings. They make eating good soooo difficult. Around this time last month, I was … Continue reading The Lifting Diaries: Cravings


The Lifting Diaries: Progress Pics are a Virtue

Dear Diary, Scrolling through Instagram every morning really came to use this morning. My alarm went off at 7:00 and without opening my eyes, I hit snooze once. After my 8 minutes were up, I hit snooze about 3 more times...woops. I was pretty sore from the workout the day before, and my feet were left behind in … Continue reading The Lifting Diaries: Progress Pics are a Virtue