Tainted Love

Sometimes I feel I've got to Run away, I've got to Get away from the pain you drive into the heart of me The love we share Seems to go nowhere And I've lost my light For I toss and turn, I can't sleep at night The words of the song burst through the gym’s … Continue reading Tainted Love


The Lifting Diaries: The IBTC

Dear Diary, I got a new sports bra!  It's from Target, and it's reversible! I'm totally obsessed. It fits me just right and accentuates my small boobs--wait. Scratch that, it doesn't really accentuate my itty bitty boobs, it actually makes them smaller. When I found out my boobs weren't growing any more, I learned to accept … Continue reading The Lifting Diaries: The IBTC

My Fat Ankle, I Love Thee

I never paid much attention to my ankles. The only time they'd get attention is when I would somehow hit them on an extremely hard object. And might I add that wasn't pleasant. It wasn't until last year that something weird began to happen to my left ankle. It was a monstrosity. It was a … Continue reading My Fat Ankle, I Love Thee

The Lifting Diaries: When Photoshop Meets Fitspo

Dear Diary, Much of my inspiration for getting out of bed in the morning is because of Instagram. I've turned into a follow junkie. I follow a lot of lady lifters, as well as accounts that post a lot of inspiration pictures. I guess you could say I've been submerged into the world of Fitspo. … Continue reading The Lifting Diaries: When Photoshop Meets Fitspo

The Lifting Diaries: Battle Scars

Dear Diary, During a conversation with my friend the other day, the topic of hands came up (not sure how that happened). Anyhow, he said that if a woman has soft hands, that's extremely attractive. I disagreed. If someone's hands aren't soft doesn't mean they're not attractive. Mid-conversation, as I usually do, I rubbed my … Continue reading The Lifting Diaries: Battle Scars

Am I Awkward or Just Mean?

I finally realized today that I can be pretty awkward, but not on purpose I swear! Let me explain. A conversation with my friend earlier gave me this epiphany: "When I say 'Hi' to (person's name here) she always looks mean." "Really? Maybe she's always having a bad day." "Nah, (other friend's name here) said … Continue reading Am I Awkward or Just Mean?