In the already grim situation, officials are making it worse. Somethings are better left unsaid. But, with these controversial remarks were are really seeing how those in power think. Rape is accidental? Really? These people are honestly making women seem like they are at fault no matter the situation. But first, let's make sure the … Continue reading Accidental…rape?!


It’s a Sad World

Let's face it, the news can be depressing.I submerged myself in it yesterday for about an hour and my mood darkened. Although many of the stories brought me down, reading the news brought me out of my bubble.The bubble I was trapped in was full of "me" thoughts, and not really thinking about others in … Continue reading It’s a Sad World

In Other News

Yes people, there are other things in the news happening besides Solange’s attack on her brother-in-law, Jay-Z. And you don’t have to see headlines about the Kardashians for the 5th time in the past hour. The media is so obsessed with celebrities, and people feed into it. And I'm also guilty as charged. So let’s … Continue reading In Other News


As we're driving to my sister's graduation, I find myself thinking. As we're driving past the scenic view in the flatlands of Pennsylvania I smile. As we're driving I see cows on the left. I've never seen one in person before. As we're driving I see a horse laying down on it's side. "It's dead," … Continue reading Driving

What’s Up with the Thigh Gap Trend?

Today, I was reading College Candy's post about the thigh gap. I nearly forgot this was a "in" because I have long stepped away from the world of thinspo. The article spoke about how this frightening trend could be surgically added, but also the author's take on this trend. The procedure is called CoolSculpting, and does as the … Continue reading What’s Up with the Thigh Gap Trend?

My Fat Ankle, I Love Thee

I never paid much attention to my ankles. The only time they'd get attention is when I would somehow hit them on an extremely hard object. And might I add that wasn't pleasant. It wasn't until last year that something weird began to happen to my left ankle. It was a monstrosity. It was a … Continue reading My Fat Ankle, I Love Thee

My Journey to Sexy (Phase 1: Accept Compliments Normally)

After reading Taylor from  Pinstripes&Lipgloss 's post, I came to the conclusion that all three of those things were exactly what I did. When it comes to compliments, I'm probably the worst at accepting them. But wait, how can someone not accept compliments? It's simple. It's not that I don't accept them. I just do it in a strange … Continue reading My Journey to Sexy (Phase 1: Accept Compliments Normally)