A little goes a long way

I’ve been thinking a lot. About life. My past and future. Goals.

And in each of my thinking sessions the word ‘encouragement’ comes up a lot.

This noun is present in my life, but not prevalent. I do have people around me who encourage me. There’s no doubt about that.

But I wish there was more.

Some of you may think I need to suck it up and encourage myself. I respect your opinion. And I do encourage myself daily: to get out of bed, to go to the gym, to eat good, to be kind to those around me, to not sleep with the deep conditioner in my hair.

But it’s getting harder. The me who encourages me needs some help. And the you who encourages you does too.

Trying to do things all alone is tough. But if we had some encouragement; a voice other than our own to push us it would be much easier.

So today, I encourage you, and me, to encourage someone else. Tell someone they are strong, let them know that they are doing good.

But be honest.

Encouragement should not be false hope. Be real.

May you attract the good energy in the universe.


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