Ran out of pre-workout…now what?

Right foot forward, right foot back. Left foot forward, left foot back. Now shake, shake, shake. Open and sip.

I always did that dance, accompanied with a joker grin, when taking my pre-workout. I couldn’t help it–it made me excited even before my first sip.

But now I’m out of my little tub of pump and I’m sitting here thinking—now what? I mean, I could just stop taking pre-workout all together and tell myself I don’t need it.

1574cb82c35e8e34d6fb1001512648f16808bc53e01e90b92a7bc7ca98cb36a6(Keep in mind, it’s been 3 days since Sponge last took his pre-workout)

But yesterday, I went to the gym without it and I was more aware of my surroundings. No, it wasn’t a good thing because I was aware of the funk, the grunts and the people chilling on the machines.

Usually when I do have my tub of pump, I get in the zone. Tunnel vision kicks in, and all I can think of are my muscles contracting each rep. Ahhhhhh, it’s such a good feeling.

I have a tab open that I keep glancing at. It’s open to the BodyBuilding shop, where I can easily order another tub–but do I need it?

Pros of pre-workout:

  • Tunnel vision
  • I can lift heavier without pooping myself 
  • Burst of energy
  • I don’t pay attention to the funk in the gym

Cons of pre-workout

  • A lot of caffeine
  • It can be addictive (in my case)

Pros of no pre-workout

  • I  can push myself mentally

Cons of no pre-workout: 

  • I smell the funk in the gym
  • I pay attention to my surroundings more

The conclusion..



Okay, maybe my list was a little unfair. But it’s all I could think of..

If you use pre-workout, could you go without it for long? If not, what are you alternatives?



4 thoughts on “Ran out of pre-workout…now what?

  1. For quite some time I felt like I NEEDED pre-workout in order to have a good workout. And for as long as I gave into that mindset, I did! I was using Cellucor’s C4 and noticed I wasn’t getting quite the same “zing” from it as I used to, so I decided to stop taking it for awhile to let my tolerance build back up (sounds like I’m talking about drugs lol).

    I felt the same way you did for a couple of days; more aware of my surroundings in a negative way, distracted, not feeling as though I could lift as heavy. But then I changed my mindset about my training. I tried telling myself the whole pre-workout tunnel vision was really just a placebo and it was all me. I started replacing my pre-workout with some coffee and coconut oil which perked me up just enough, and now I don’t take anything before except some good food.

    1. I was just looking into C4 and then I saw your comment. I do think I’ve become too hooked on it, and will try to stay away from them for awhile…and change my mindset of course! I’ve never heard of coconut oil and coffee…but I’ll be trying that out tomorrow!

      What food do you eat pre-workout?

  2. C4 is a great pre-workout but can be really intense at first cause it makes you feel all itchy and stuff haha. I found it bloated me a bit too, Did you end up trying the coconut oil coffee? It’s such a decadent morning treat 🙂

    I sort of rotate what I like to eat before I train. For a long time it was oatmeal with sme fresh fruit and nut butter, but I’ve been so busy lately I need something quick. There’s a recipe from the Sugar Free Mom blog for individual baked oatmeal cups so I’ve been making abtches of those at the start of each week and filling them with jam for some fast-acting carbs. Depending on what I have planned for my workout I’ll eat 1-3 hehe

    1. I’ve been using c4! I didn’t get around to trying the coffee and coconut oil yet, but once I’m out of c4 (a 2 week pause) I’ll dry that :). I agree that c4 makes you itchy…at first the tingling was pretty intense, but I found that I had no post workout crash or jitters. What I need to do it meal prep some pre work out foods, that way I can stay away from pre workouts for awhile

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