Ran out of pre-workout…now what?

Right foot forward, right foot back. Left foot forward, left foot back. Now shake, shake, shake. Open and sip.I always did that dance, accompanied with a joker grin, when taking my pre-workout. I couldn't help it--it made me excited even before my first sip.But now I'm out of my little tub of pump and I'm … Continue reading Ran out of pre-workout…now what?


Vacation, Confidence, and Face Masks

I'm still alive but barely breathing. Kidding. Not about the alive part though. I'm alive and well! I've been away from my blog for so long that I would stare at the walls; my head was filled with things I should be typing down. Lest I digress.. I'm going on vacation to Jamaica Wednesday! It's … Continue reading Vacation, Confidence, and Face Masks