The Lifting Diaries: Cravings

Dear Diary,

Ever since I’ve been home, eating healthier and much cleaner has been a breeze.

Well kind of.

You see, all of my meals are delicious, yet simple and nutritious. But about once a month, around that time–alright, the period cravings. They make eating good soooo difficult.

Around this time last month, I was watching Netflix with a giant cup of frozen yogurt in my hand. They say frozen yogurt can be healthy, but I don’t think it is when it’s drizzled with Nutella, M&M’s–should I go on?

Right now, I’m resisting the urge to take a giant spoon and eat Nutella straight from the jar.


              (No, no I won’t).

I mean, it’s not like there aren’t other sweet treats in my house (a.k.a. fruit), but it isn’t the same as the sweet Nutella goodness.

Nutella isn’t the only thing I’m craving.

I’m craving frozen yogurt, fried foods, everythang. Everythang. Everythang. Have I made my point?

To curve the cravings I’ve been eating gummy vitamins. They’re good–okay they’re actually multivitamins they’re fiber gummies. I’m desperate okay?

But every time my stomach starts hurting I regret ever eating those fiber gummies. And now I’ve sworn off them. Plus, I’ve only been eating them for…a..week.

Yes, bad I know, I know.

So as the clock is ticking, and I’m drooling, I will continue to resist the cravings and continue to munch on my lettuce.

So to the world–how do you deal with cravings?


Until next time,





2 thoughts on “The Lifting Diaries: Cravings

  1. It’s hard. My wife and I dedicate one night a week we can cheat. We go out on a date and forget about calorie counting. We find this stops us from binging.

    We also use fruit and protein shakes to stave off the cravings. Oh, and nuts too.

    1. Yeah, I had my cheat day Saturday…guess I didn’t cheat enough.

      Luckily I ran to the fruit right after reading this. It turns out all I needed was that and lettuce, because it filled me right up.


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