It’s a Sad World

Let’s face it, the news can be depressing.

I submerged myself in it yesterday for about an hour and my mood darkened. Although many of the stories brought me down, reading the news brought me out of my bubble.

The bubble I was trapped in was full of “me” thoughts, and not really thinking about others in the world. One story in particular made my heart drop:

Two teen girls in India were raped and hung to a tree. What made me even angrier, was that things like this happen often in the country, but some may go unreported. What made this case even more disturbing? Out of the 5 attackers, 2 were police officers. Police officers

Intended to protect the very two girls they raped and murdered, the police officers took part in their horrific deaths. 

And the community? Outraged. If the officials allowed the community to have these men…justice would be served. 

Women’s rights in India are nearly non-existent. Women live in fear because of reports like this. Just 2 years ago a woman was raped on a bus, thrown off, and left for dead with her male companion.

What will it take for attacks like this to stop?

First, the country’s government needs to take a stand against these issues. They can definitely do more.

What can I do?

My plan is to get out of my bubble and start becoming more aware of issues like this in the world, and even informing others.




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