The Lifting Diaries: Cravings

Dear Diary, Ever since I've been home, eating healthier and much cleaner has been a breeze. Well kind of. You see, all of my meals are delicious, yet simple and nutritious. But about once a month, around that time--alright, the period cravings. They make eating good soooo difficult. Around this time last month, I was … Continue reading The Lifting Diaries: Cravings



In the already grim situation, officials are making it worse. Somethings are better left unsaid. But, with these controversial remarks were are really seeing how those in power think. Rape is accidental? Really? These people are honestly making women seem like they are at fault no matter the situation. But first, let's make sure the … Continue reading Accidental…rape?!

It’s a Sad World

Let's face it, the news can be depressing.I submerged myself in it yesterday for about an hour and my mood darkened. Although many of the stories brought me down, reading the news brought me out of my bubble.The bubble I was trapped in was full of "me" thoughts, and not really thinking about others in … Continue reading It’s a Sad World