The Lifting Diaries: Progress Pics are a Virtue

Dear Diary,

Scrolling through Instagram every morning really came to use this morning.

My alarm went off at 7:00 and without opening my eyes, I hit snooze once. After my 8 minutes were up, I hit snooze about 3 more times…woops.

I was pretty sore from the workout the day before, and my feet were left behind in the REM sleep. Plus my blankets weren’t letting go, so it was only right that I should of slept another 3 hours.  Luckily my past self was smart enough to set my favorite song as my alarm. And let’s say it was pretty darn hard to resist when I was lazily singing along in my head.

That’s when I decided to look at Instagram.

I’m not sure why it took me so long to notice that a lot of the fit accounts I follow post a lot of progress pictures. Some women have amazing transformations…and then there’s me.

I had always taken pictures before, but never did it in a certain pose so that I could compare and contrast.

A lot of my body selfies weren’t so great and my face would be like:




(Sums things up.)

Going through a lot of my old pictures, I realized that I could crop out my face, and focus on my body comparisons. Finding old pictures from two years ago and comparing with this month really boosted my confidence and made me fly out of bed.


(Bi baby, bi)


Now instead of looking at Instagram every morning, I decided I’ll be checking out my progress. It’ll serve as a reminder of where I want to go and how far I came on the days where I wrestle with the blanket.

It’s best to say that a lot I haven’t made crazy progress, but I have made some.

To all those who feel like they aren’t going anywhere–take pictures! They’ll help, because they sure kick me out of bed in the morning.


Until next time,




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