In Other News

Yes people, there are other things in the news happening besides Solange’s attack on her brother-in-law, Jay-Z. And you don’t have to see headlines about the Kardashians for the 5th time in the past hour.

The media is so obsessed with celebrities, and people feed into it. And I’m also guilty as charged.

So let’s take a break from the mainstream stories and see what’s in other news..

o   You read that title right, a graveyard of underwater dwellers! This Robot’s search for oil turns into something National Geographic worthy. I usually wouldn’t find this interesting, but this was a strangely refreshing read.

o   I felt ashamed to say I had no idea this was going on. Shows how selective the media can be in emphasizing certain things. Sad, but informative. BBC news really keeps me up to date—time to become a regular again.

o   A pregnant woman in Sudan has been sentenced to death for renouncing her Islam faith and becoming a Christian, like her husband.  How crazy does this sound? Not only are they throwing her life away, but that of the unborn child.

o   Reading this really made me appreciate having clean drinking water.


These are just but four of the many things happening in our world. I have to remind myself on a daily basis to not wait for the mainstream media to put stuff out, but to research.


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