The Lifting Diaries: The IBTC

Dear Diary,

I got a new sports bra!  It’s from Target, and it’s reversible! I’m totally obsessed. It fits me just right and accentuates my small boobs–wait. Scratch that, it doesn’t really accentuate my itty bitty boobs, it actually makes them smaller.

When I found out my boobs weren’t growing any more, I learned to accept them.

Let’s go back a little.

Growing up, I was surrounded by women who were blessed in the boob department. I  assumed that would be me one day, and so I began to mentally prepare for having big boobs. I daydreamed of how great they would look in bikini tops, in dresses, and just about everything.

When I hit puberty, the popular “itching” symptom started to occur. People always say if they itch it means they’re growing, right? Wrong.

Years passed and my boobs remained the same. The most they grew was about an extra inch or so. Sad, yes I know. Between the age of 11 and 13 when I showed no sign of growing, I joined the Itty Bitty Titty Committee (IBTC) and was happily accepted.

I’ve been a proud member ever since.

Moving to present day.

My small boob struggle was highlighted as I was doing seated cable rows and checking myself out in the mirror. While pulling the vbar, I saw that my front was pretty flat.

I never paid my boobs much attention (what is there to pay attention to?) until this exercise became a staple on biceps/back day.

Did other people notice my small boobs?

Probably. But, I’m beyond the point of caring. I’ve grown to love them and appreciate them on chest day. I mean, if they were bigger, doing dumbbell flys would be pretty awkward for me.

Plus, being apart of the IBTC has benefits

  • You can go bra-less and no one would notice a difference (just make sure to stay warm…)
  • Wearing a sports bra won’t make much of a difference
  • You can wear the above any day if you pleasre.

But just about every size of boobs has it’s benefits!

To my fellow IBTC members–stay strong! No one will notice the smallness if you don’t make it obvious. Own those small boobs.



Until next time,






2 thoughts on “The Lifting Diaries: The IBTC

  1. I saw your picture in the right hand corner of your blog and you are gorgeous, so I suppose it all works in perfect proportion with your figure! Cute Post too.

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