What’s Up with the Thigh Gap Trend?


Today, I was reading College Candy’s post about the thigh gap. I nearly forgot this was a “in” because I have long stepped away from the world of thinspo. The article spoke about how this frightening trend could be surgically added, but also the author’s take on this trend. The procedure is called CoolSculpting, and does as the name says: freezes the fat in your thigh area.


Sounds crazy right?

I would never talk down on anyone who desires it. Why? Because at one point I wanted a thigh gap as well. Yes, it sounds crazy. Luckily I’m over mindset point, and it is virtually impossible for me to get one even if I wanted.

Everyone’s body is sculpted differently, and we should love every curve, dimple, muscle, bone, and jiggle that we have!

I’m a proud owner of #ThunderThighs and proud!

To read College Candy’s article, click here.


What do you think about the thigh gap trend?


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