My Journey to Sexy (Phase 1: Accept Compliments Normally)

After reading Taylor from  Pinstripes&Lipgloss ‘s post, I came to the conclusion that all three of those things were exactly what I did.

When it comes to compliments, I’m probably the worst at accepting them. But wait, how can someone not accept compliments? It’s simple. It’s not that I don’t accept them. I just do it in a strange way.

Here’s one scenario from  the other day.

Friend: Oh my gosh, Melissa! You look great in this picture.

Me: Thanks!


(My exact facial expression.)

My friend laughed because she knows how awkward I am. And might I add she’s also accustomed to the weird voice I use when I say thanks.

It’s like a mix between Darth Vader and Batman. I call it Datman. Trust me, it doesn’t sound pretty. Whenever I do the voice, my friends will raise a brow and laugh it off. I love my friends because  they (along with my family…who is forced) accept my weirdness. But, not everyone knows just how weird I can be.

One  time a stranger complimented me on something and half way through saying “Thank You” the Datman voice slipped out.


They gave me a strange look. Let’s just say that every time I see that person we exchange awkward smiles. meme smile So how do I plan to change this? Well, with the first step of not doing my Datman voice when receiving a compliment. My friend gave me a useful tip.  Just smile and say “Thank you.”

Simple enough, right?

I’m just hoping I can last before the Datman decides to take over.



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