I Pre’d! (My Review of BPI Sports Pre-Training Powder)


In my last post, I mentioned that BodyBuilding.com sent me a few goodies with the protein that I ordered. One of those items was a pre-training powder by BPI Sports and after much debating, I decided to give it a try.

The instructions say to take the powder 15-30 minutes before training. My original plan was to wake up at 6:30, take the powder and be at the gym by 7:00 to start my workout. However, I fell into a coma and woke up half dead at 7:20. I took the powder at 7:30 and got to the gym by 7:50.

I thought I would give the powder a full 3o minutes to start working, but by 7:45 I started to feel more awake after the walk to the gym.  Compared to my other mornings at the gym, things were starting off on a great note.

After an amazing warm up I hit the weight room. Today was leg day and I started off with barbell squats. Usually I can’t make it to 10 reps without struggling, but I did. The tunnel vision I read about in other reviews were definitely true. The only thing on my mind was finishing my workout and killing my reps. There was a little bit of struggle on the last rep (as usual), but the first 9 with not much wobbling.

By about 8:10 my legs started to get a little shaky. I wasn’t sure if I was getting the jitters from the powder or because I murdered my legs on squats. I then realized it was the powder because then my hands started to shake a little. The shaking wasn’t extreme, and once I came to the conclusion that it was the powder, I brushed it off. After about 5 minutes the shaking went away and I was on to my next exercise.

I would definitely say the powder did the trick, and this was best morning workout I’ve ever done. As I’m typing this now, I’m still very much energetic and awake. Usually I would be tired and daydreaming of taking a nap.

Taste: The flavor I got was fruit punch and it was really good. It was extremely refreshing and not too sweet. I used 8oz of water in my blender bottle.

The instructions also warn to avoid eating or drinking a protein shake within an hour of taking the powder. And it also advises that you don’t take it 4 hours before bedtime to avoid losing sleep. I took half of the small package (as instructed), but I’m sure if you order a larger amount, it will tell you exactly how much to take.

Overall, my experience was amazing! I’m actually going to order it and continue to take the powder for the next 7 weeks. It isn’t advised to take it for more than 8 weeks, but that’s good enough time to see if I can make more gains.

My Leg Workout is below. I usually struggle to get through this, but the powder gave me a great boost.

leg day workout


Update: I forgot to add the main ingredient in this product is caffeine. 

The product reads: ” The recommended serving of this product contains approximately as much caffeine as two cups of coffee”


5 thoughts on “I Pre’d! (My Review of BPI Sports Pre-Training Powder)

  1. Thanks for this! I’ve never tried preworkout and I’ve only been exposed to it when my friends are way cracked out from taking too much. It’s kind of frightening to see! I’m glad it isn’t that extreme when you follow the directions though! Did you ever have a crash afterwards during the day?

    1. Ahaha, yeah I’m only going to be trying this out for the next few weeks! After that I’ll take a break because I don’t want to become too dependent on it. Nope, I had no crash! I was fine :). I was a little hungrier than normal, but I think that was because I did a lot of exercises!

  2. So the shaking didn’t scare you? I have pre-workout (all natural) pills but, I am so scared of workout gimmicks that I don’t want anything to hinder my health.

    1. It wasn’t really a big movement, so I wasn’t too alarmed. And it went way after like 5 minutes. I was nervous at first also. But, I read a lot of reviews and I didn’t see anyone report bad side effects, so I just went ahead and did it. I think you should read up on it! If you like what you find then you should try it :).

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