To Pre or Not to Pre: The Pre-Workout Crisis

Just Wednesday I received my package from

What did I order? Protein of course!


However, this packaging was a little different. This time BodyBuilding sent me a few goodies.

photo (1)
But, out of all these things, one made my brow raise.

No, it wasn’t the men’s hair products (though I am pretty tempted to try them out). It was the small package of pre-workout. BPI Sports 1.M.R Vortex to be exact.

Now, all I know about pre-workouts is that they give you a serious boost. Looking back, a few of my workouts would have been a lot better if I had something to give me energy.

As I was about to take it, my sister convinced me to read more about it and also check out reviews.  I turned to the one place I go to every time I need a review on a product: All the reviews pretty much said the same two words “tunnel vision.”

Tunnel vision? The only time I heard this phrase was in a Justin Timberlake song.

Turns out this pre-workout makes you focused on your workout and gives you the energy to finish.

Simple enough.

But for someone like me who isn’t accustomed to having caffeine on a regular it could have crazy effects.

For example, a medium cup of coffee can get me going for hours. One time I took it at 3pm and was up in my bed at 3am staring at the ceiling, wondering why the heck I drank it.

What will I do?

On the next leg day I think I’ll give this pre-workout a shot. Of course I’ll have to do it early in the morning so that I won’t have to count sheep throughout the night.

What do you guys think? Do you think pre-workouts are a good idea? And do you take them?

I’d love to know!


9 thoughts on “To Pre or Not to Pre: The Pre-Workout Crisis

  1. I’ve just started on a path to a healthier lifestyle. I’ve been working with a holistic health coach and I’ve started using protein shakes again regularly. I’d be interested in reading about your experience if you do decide to try the pre-workout.

  2. I’ve heard of 1MR but haven’t actually heard a ton about it…I use some of BPI’s other products though and I really like them.

    I go through phases with pre-workouts. For a long time I used Vega’s Pre-Workout Energizer which is a bit more natural and most of the boost just comes from the caffeine. Then I started using Cellucor’s C4 and I started noticing some real gains and a ton more energy in the gym. It gives you a weird tingly, itchy feeling to start with but it wears off after a week or 2 haha. Now I rarely use pre-workouts; I just toss some coconut oil in my coffee and I’m good to go!

    Keep us updated on how it goes for you!

    1. I’ve heard of Cellucor’s C4 before and was actually going to buy it a few months ago. A friend talked me down and I never went through with it. Coconut oil in coffee sounds like an interesting mix!

      I’ll be sure to post a review on Monday. That’s my leg day and I need a lot of energy to get through it!

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