1:27AM. Can you believe it? The change of time has really screwed me up.

In my mind it’s 12:28 and I should be watching late night television.

However, it’s 1:29 and I look at the empty space where my T.V would be–I left it at school.

Now it’s 1:30 and I still have Justin Timberlake playing softly on my laptop.

His lengthy songs keep me company because the silence is now boring me at 1:30.

I have so much free time now at 1:31, that I don’t know what to do with myself.

I have a paper I need to write for school, but it’s 1:32 and I realize I’m too lazy to do anything.

If I go to bed now, at 1:33, I could get seven hours of sleep. Early mornings drive me crazy.

But it’s partially my fault because it’s 1:34 and I could be sleeping.

Instead I wait as each minute passes. It’s 1:35 and I think I should head to bed.


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