The Lifting Diaries: In the Mirror Straight Flexing

Dear Diary,

I think I’ve moved past the awkwardness I once felt in the weight room. I mean, there are times when I’m the only girl but it doesn’t bother me anymore. Especially since (mostly) everyone is pretty focused on their workout.

Recently I’ve gotten into the habit of standing in front of the mirror while working out. The mirrors in my gym are pretty scattered, but while doing my reps I always find them.

So I’ll be on a machine, and as the muscle I’m working is flexed, I look in the mirror like:


Can you blame me?  I just love how my muscles (well, the little bit I have) look when they’re flexed.

But admiring myself in the mirror has come to a brief hiatus. Because of the spring break folks, my view of myself in the mirror includes about 10 other bodies.

While doing shoulder flys I was standing in front of the smaller mirrors and watching my form.  Everything was good until someone appeared and began to do abs on the floor in front of me. I stepped back. Then, out of nowhere, a guy appeared behind me and also started to do abs on the floor. I stepped to the left.

At one point we were all making awkward eye contact. It was like a silent “get out of my space” plea. Were they checking on my form? Was I staring off into space? Was there something on my face? Yes. Yes there was.

Just when it seemed the mirror reached maximum capacity (max: 20) another girl appeared and started to do abs on the left of me. I stepped again to the left.

Was I boxed in? Almost.

Another guy appeared. And guess what he was doing? Abs? No. Shoulder flys!

I stepped to the left and ran out of mirror space!


But that didn’t stop me, because I went on without the mirror.

Am I one of those people who love mirrors? Maybe. Am I ashamed? Not even.

Until next time,



5 thoughts on “The Lifting Diaries: In the Mirror Straight Flexing

  1. No girl, I love my mirrors, too!! I like to watch my form and make sure I’m keeping good posture!!! You are not the only one!! 😉 I am so similar to you, too- that I absolutely dislike the awkwardness of having so many people so close to you making eye contact through the mirror.

    1. Not sure what I’d do without mirrors! My form would suck. To make it less awkward, I always try to look at myself, but then my eyes have a mind of their own and love to wander

  2. Nope, I love checkin’ out my muscles in the mirror as well! A) They look badass, and B) it’s important to make sure form is good!

    That is SUPER awkward about your ab boxer-inners…very poor gym etiquette on their part!

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