My Top 4 Embarrassing Moments of the Week

Every Friday morning I think back to all of the embarrassing things that happened to me during the week. There are more than I can count. So, for the sake of suspense I’ll be counting down!

4. Super Grain: Having a meal with someone is hard. You have to concentrate on your food, and also hold a darn good conversation. Of course, there are times I forget I have food in my mouth. I was laughing while talking obnoxiously (not sure how that was possible) with rice in my mouth…and then one  grain escaped. It happened in slow motion: I slowly saw it escape my mouth( I swear there was a little cape on it) and landed right in front of the person I was talking to. Needless to say, I quieted down after that.


3. Awkward Hi: In my post from last month, I addressed the issue of my awkward waves and ‘hi’s’. Well, this time I was so brave, I exclaimed a “Hi” with a bright smile…but the person was so far down the road that they didn’t see me. From any passing person it seemed I was waving at nothing.

2. Stare Off: Whenever I make eye contact with people I tend to quickly look away. I don’t want them thinking I’m analyzing their features. But recently, my friend said it’s always good to make strong eye contact and end it with a smile. So that’s exactly what I did…or tried to do. At work, someone walked in and as usual I made strong eye contact. Just as I was about to end it with a smile they continued to stare. I held the stare. But I had to look away because this image came into mind:


They won the stare off.

1. Stop Tripping: I thought I was over the clumsy stage in my life. But I guess not because I still trip on air…literally. My friends and I were sitting in a booth and I was in the middle. Instead of bothering my friend to move, I decided to walk over her. I fell like a stiff piece log. Did I mention the cafe was full of people?

Did you have any embarrassing moments this week? Share them with me! It’s good to know I’m not alone 🙂


3 thoughts on “My Top 4 Embarrassing Moments of the Week

  1. So you listed 4 things in your “5 embarrassing moments.” #5 too embarrassing to post. Must have been really funny. Waiting. I, myself, just crashed down an icey hill carrying a box full of chicken poo and shavings. All over my legs. (glad no one saw.)

    1. Oh my gosh that’s so embarrassing! Ahaaha, I should have added that error to my list. I’m just an embarrassing person. Oh my! That was probably a horrible stench ahahaa

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