My Creativity Didn’t Run Away

My art class today was pretty spontaneous.

We were scheduled to have an exam, and as usual I over studied (which I prefer to do anyhow).
Our professor showed us pictures and all we had to do was put the name of the artist to each painting.


Saying it was easy would be an understatement. But I can say I was  pretty darn excited about it.

After that 10 minute exam, the professor said we would be drawing. What exactly? Well, David by Michelangelo.


Everyone’s face looked a bit like:


Until the professor said “It is to be a funny drawing–not too serious.”

And that’s exactly what it was. We had to look at the picture of the sculpting and create our best imitation of it.

My drawing didn’t turn out as bad as I thought it would. While drawing I instantly felt relaxed, and found myself thinking of peaceful thoughts…and a nap!

I was so darn tired I almost fell asleep drawing a crucial reproductive piece of David (you can guess what that is.)

And it was also then that I realized I was the same place in my drawing as when I stopped 7 years ago.

Nothing diminished, instead it was like I hit ‘play’ in my head. It felt like my body and hands knew exactly what to do, and my rendition of Michelangelo’s sculpture was created.

It wasn’t perfect, and I did forget something, but this drawing inspired me.
It inspired me to keep on drawing, and as they say, practice makes perfect.


I’ll update the post with the picture next week.


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