The Lifting Diaries: Battle Scars

Dear Diary,

During a conversation with my friend the other day, the topic of hands came up (not sure how that happened). Anyhow, he said that if a woman has soft hands, that’s extremely attractive. I disagreed. If someone’s hands aren’t soft doesn’t mean they’re not attractive.

Mid-conversation, as I usually do, I rubbed my hands together and heard a noise. It was like when you rub sand paper on wood, but not as loud.

Looking down, I realized my hands created that noise. Apparently I forgot to lotion, and not only were my hands dissatisfied, but so were my callouses.

Wait, callouses?

I always noticed them on my brother’s hands, but never understood how he got them.

Then I started lifting.

I did notice them a long time ago, but this was when they were just raised a little. Now, the skin surrounding them is a little yellow and they feel…good?

At first they bothered me, but now I must admit them make me feel pretty badass.

Whenever I finish with my dead-lifts, my callouses are even more noticeable and I just feel like:

King Leonidas 300

I appreciate them because it’s a reminder of how hard I’ve been working. I could wear gloves, but then I wouldn’t have my battle scars.

So my hands may not be smooth, but it’s fine, because my lifting makes up for it.


Until next time,



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