You Don’t Have to Wear Pink on Valentine’s Day

You’ll probably see more people wearing red or pink today, than any other day. And it may even look like everyone is promoting heart health awareness–but nah. It’s V-day. The day of love. And everyone is dressed in their cute outfits.

But, if you’re like me, and if you don’t feel like wearing these lovely colors (or you just don’t have any) then you’re in luck.

Below I put together cute, but simple, outfits you can wear on Valentine’s Day. The idea isn’t to wear the exact same thing, but to get an idea of what you can wear!

You're gonna hear me roar

You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar:

Cute and comfy, yet strong and powerful. A sweater dress is perhaps the easiest thing to throw on when you’re not sure what else to wear.

We Wear Black When We Please

I Can Wear Black Whenever I Please:

Who says you can’t wear black on Valentine’s Day?


I Tan do whatever i want

I Tan Do Whatever, Whenever

It won’t be necessary to button this cardigan all the way up–show off that waist!


These are a just a few ideas–what are you wearing today?


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