The Lifting Diaries: The Struggle

Dear Diary,

I’ve been back at school for exactly two weeks. And you know what that means? That I’m also back to eating school food.


May I add that it’s extremely hard to stick to clean eating when there are limited options. (I’m also a vegetarian so things get pretty redundant.)

I can easily map out what I eat for the entire semester: For breakfast I’ll have oatmeal, for lunch I’ll have tofu and salad, and for dinner tofu and salad again.

You’re probably thinking: “Well, that isn’t so bad,” but it’s a struggle.

The dorm I live in on campus has no kitchen, so I don’t have the option of cooking a good meal for myself. And the grocery store is a good distance away. So, when I run out of oatmeal in my dorm, I have Β to journey to the school cafe and search for something healthy.

And let’s say there’s no tofu? Well that just means I’ll have to eat salad that entire day. It’s pretty darn hard living off of campus food. Making sure I’m meeting my daily requirements for the day is like climbing a mountain. (Trust me, it’s that hard here).

But, there are about 4 weeks until Spring Break! I’m pretty excited to go home and revive my digestive system.

Until next time


(If you’re in a similar situation like me, how do you go about eating healthy, and what are healthy foods to keep in my dorm?)


9 thoughts on “The Lifting Diaries: The Struggle

    1. Ah yes, it’s especially tough around finals time when I need a good snack! I’m thinking of going to the freshman dorms (that have kitchens…unfair) and meal prepping every once in awhile!

  1. That’s so rough! It’s so frustrating how schools, hospitals, and other public institutions don’t provide healthier options for people 😦 Are you able to keep a mini refrigerator in your dorm? I would probably be living off protein powder haha.

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