Why I Choose to Forgive

I’ve gotten into countless arguments. And no, I’m not always right. (Though I always thought I was.) Along with all the yelling, anger, and headaches that’s attached, in the end I realize it wasn’t worth it.

I always ask myself these questions a few days after an argument:

1)     Do I care about this person?

2)     Do I completely want them out of my life because of one argument?

3)     What if I was in their shoes? Would I want to be forgiven?

After thinking, I realize the questions start to calm me down. More than likely, if I’m in an heated argument with someone, I care about them. And if it’s a stranger? Well, I don’t waste my breath on them…but that’s another story.

So why do I chose to forgive?

Heated words exchanged in an argument sting. They can cut deep, and bring up things you left in the past.  And it stings even more when you constantly dwell on them. What does this equal? Constant feelings of hurt and anger directed towards that person. Also take note of how many days you would spend dwelling on those thoughts. One bad thought can ruin your day. Just one. Now, imagine if you didn’t have to deal with all of that negative thinking?

When I decide to forgive someone, it’s beneficial for me. It calms me down and brings me inner peace. I would much rather enjoy my day. And when I’ve forgiven someone, it makes it easier to brush off some of the harsh things they’ve said.

Is it easy to forgive?

Not at all. Plus, it takes time. When you’re ready, you’re ready.



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