Am I Awkward or Just Mean?

I finally realized today that I can be pretty awkward, but not on purpose I swear!

Let me explain.

A conversation with my friend earlier gave me this epiphany:

“When I say ‘Hi’ to (person’s name here) she always looks mean.”

“Really? Maybe she’s always having a bad day.”

“Nah, (other friend’s name here) said that she’s really nice, but just really awkward.”

I swear my face lit up when she spoke those words. Maybe I’m like that?

I mean, it’s not like I don’t want to wave when I see people, but I’m always embarrassed that either:
a) They won’t see me, so I’ll have to play it off by pretending I was fixing my hair.
b) They won’t see me.

Alright, both of those options are the same–but come on! Admit it. It’s pretty darn embarrassing when you say “Hi” really loudly and the person is in their own world. I’m also guilty of being in my own world.

When I’m walking with my headphones in, I tend to block out my surroundings. So, when people say “Hi” to me, it takes awhile to process the fact that I know that person. Might I add this happens nearly every day. I’m convinced some people think I’m just mean. Woops! 

Another reason for my awkward ‘Hellos” would have to be the: “I wonder if they remember me” thought.

Being in college, I’ve met quite a few people. And when I cross paths with them in public, we make eye contact, but neither says “Hi!” During the strange 3 second eye contact, I have about one minute worth of thinking.

“Do they remember me?” “Probably not, I’ll just look away.” And then I continue on my way.

It’s not like I didn’t want to say “Hi”, but I wasn’t sure if they’d respond.

How to fix this?

It’ll take time, but I can fix this awkwardness! I’ll just start saying “Hi” to people I recognized (and exchanged at least one word with).

That doesn’t include the weird encounters I had when I’ve gone out though…woops.

I can just picture how I’ll look:



9 thoughts on “Am I Awkward or Just Mean?

  1. Hi. Stopping by from Northeast bloggers fb page. I’ve felt the same way lots of times about saying hi. I have a really good memory for faces & people, but I don’t know if the person I run into will be the same way.

  2. I’m EXACTLY the same way. Whenever I see people I know in public, I usually try to avoid them because I don’t know if they’ll remember me. It’s happened to me a time or two when I’ve shouted hi to someone or waved enthusiastically and was greeted with nothing. It’s so embarrassing. I’m a pretty awkward person, so I try to make the situation less awkward by avoiding it altogether.

  3. Another scenario, how embarrassing is it, when a stranger holds a 3 minute conversation with you thinking you’re someone else.

  4. My daughter seems to fight the same thing. She’s beautiful, funny, and cool but she is shy too. She is younger than you, of course, but it’s the same thing. Some kids at school think she is stuck up. I always say to her, just remember they feel the same way that you do and be confident. Confidence makes people want to be near you.

    1. Tell her she’s not alone! I’m also starting to realize that what other people think shouldn’t change the way she views herself. And she seems to be an amazing person! And I also agree that confidence does draw people in! 🙂

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