The Lifting Diaries: They Use Teleport

Dear Diary,

I think my mind was trying to stop me from going to the gym. I had a dream I went, came back, and then jumped into bed. But then I popped out of bed and realized it was 6:50 am, A.K.A time to get out of bed. Bad mind, bad!

What made me realize that I didn’t go was the fact that I was still in my gym clothes. Luckily, I went to bed in them, and that saved me from crawling around like a sloth, and also believing that I went when I didn’t.

I’m still surprised that I made it out of bed at 7am, and rolled to the gym. (All after having my morning tea!)  And might I add it’s the first day of classes!

When I finished crawling to the gym the coast was clear of New Year Resolution Folks (my own made title)…until I rounded the corner and saw that the entire lacrosse  team was crowding the weight room! Usually they’re in the bigger area, but noooo, today they were huffing and grunting.

I mean, it’s not like I was intimidated, I’m just accustomed to working out in my basement…alone.

My last gym visit involved my glutes reaching out to some guy’s face, and I vowed I’d workout at home until I couldn’t anymore. But now I’m at school,  about 241 miles away from home, and my only option is the campus gym.

So, adjusting to working out again in front of people will be pretty darn tough.

Anyhow, I went upstairs to the track to warm up, and the entire team was somehow there. (I swear they use teleport.) They were all crowded, so I had to excuse myself, and squeeze through the crowd of them to get onto the track. It looked somewhat like this:


(Minus the bikes, and me falling. But hey, in my head it felt like this!)

Luckily when I went back downstairs the coast was clear and I turned into The Hulk (or so I’d like to think).

Not sure how tomorrow morning will go. Guess I gotta squat in front of the team, or maybe they’ll teleport to the track again…

Until next time



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