The Lifting Diaries: “Why do you eat so much?”

Deary Diary,

As you know, I have been lifting weights for about two months. And within those two months, my appetite has increased–a lot. I usually ate, what some people say, “normally” but now it’s on the next level.

Well, I shouldn’t say people called my eating before normal. Being a vegetarian, people assume I eat carrots and dying shrubs. So if that’s what people call normally eating…

Anyhow, any chance I get, I eat. When I’m watching TV, I eat. When I get up during ID’s commercial breaks, I eat. When I sneeze I-okay, you get the point? Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but darn it, I love to eat.

Whenever I’m out with family, and they asks what we should eat, I happily answer “Let’s go to a buffet!!!!”

And you know what happens at a buffet? Exactly. Plates after plates.

At first, the comments were starting to annoy me until I realized–I was doing fine.  I even went on a forum, and other women reported the same thing when they started lifting. 

So, the next time I go out to eat, and someone suggests;


I’ll just simply reply: tumblr_mm3nghna671ru1wbho2_250

So to anyone in my boat–eat on!

Until next time



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