How the ID Channel Made Me Paranoid

“We knew somebody was in that house.”

It’s 12:45 at night and my eyes glance from left to right. I noticed I was getting a bit lightheaded and realized–I forgot to exhale! I figured that breathing slowly and quietly would allow me to hear every noise in the house.

And it didn’t help that the show Web of Lies was on, and this particular episode was on a young girl getting kidnapped by someone she met on the Internet.

I meet people on the Internet. Come on, everyone meets people online. I was on the Internet while watching the show. And I was also chatting to a friend studying abroad…crap.

My parents are long asleep, and I’m the only person in the house awake. Perfect. I still hadn’t showered, and was just about to turn off the television until I heard that last chilling line before the commercial hit.

All kinds of bizarre scenarios appeared in my head:

  • Someone was in my house and that explained the random creaking I heard (unless the creaking was in my head too)
  • Someone would wait for me outside the bathroom door and kidnap me (and I’m sure they wouldn’t take me to Disney Land)
  • No one is in my house and I need to stop watching ID (I like this one..)

But better yet–why did I decide to watching ID all break?!

ID (Investigation Discovery) recently became an addiction of mine. With so many weeks of break, I needed something other than work to occupy my mind. So I decided to turn to the most realistic channel on TV (other than Keeping Up with the Kardashians).

From the ominous music to the dark tone of the narrator–every episode just sends chills down my spine.

So how exactly have I been paranoid? Well let’s see:

  • When I’m home alone, 90% of the lights are on (curses for it getting dark so early)
  • I stay downstairs in the living room (so I can know if anyone comes in…but wait-)
  • I shut all my blinds (it’s mostly been cloudy)

I swear when I’m not home alone the above list does apply…well besides the last one. Grr, sunlight.

And what am I watching right now you ask? ID of course! But no worries: I’m watching one with millionaires and I’m nowhere near rich–so it’s all good.

But wait..what was that creaking I heard in my kitchen


Nope, I’m all good, and alone. Whew.


2 thoughts on “How the ID Channel Made Me Paranoid

  1. This is my life. I’m currently laying in bed trying to figure out if I’m hearing things or of someone is really in my house. Nothing scares more more on ID than Disappeared.

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