The Lifting Diaries: Da Booty

Dear Diary,

Yesterday, I went into the weight room–it was leg day. My favorite day, I must admit. Anyhow, today the gym was a little bit more crowded than usual. Which was weird, especially since it was 9:00pm and a Monday on top of that.

As I headed to the squat rack, I saw a guy behind me (there’s a mirror in front of the squat rack) sitting there. He seemed to be killing the concentration curls, until I started squatting. You’re probably wondering how I know if he’s watching when I’m supposed to be watching myself in the mirror. But I was! I was watching-okay I was just a little self-conscious. I mean, my butt seemed to be literally reaching out for his face…also proof that my form was on point.

I guess this is just another downfall of the weight room–the lookers. Whenever you’re finished killing reps, you can rest assure the lookers have kept count with you.

After doing a few other exercises, I decided to end thing with the glute kickbacks machine. The machine was pretty darn fun. As I was kicking my butt into gear, I saw a great shadow on the floor in front of me. I knew my butt couldn’t have grown that much in 40 minutes. I glanced back and bam–eye contact! Yet again another looker (guess that’s what I’ll be calling them).

Can’t a girl work her booty without lookers breaking her concentration?! I think it’s time I invest in Beats, and work on ignoring the stares.

I can imagine how awkward things will be when I  lift heavier and start grunting…oh my.

Until next time,


She do.

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3 thoughts on “The Lifting Diaries: Da Booty

  1. Hahah I hear ya on that girl! Our only squat rack is right in front of the smith machine and I often feel self conscious when guys are sitting there doing their incline presses. I try to just ignore it though and am getting better at doing that. We can’t let the men mess with our gym grinds!!

    1. Ours is pretty much in the spotlight also! The lookers are slowly starting to not bother me anymore. Whenever I feel myself getting distracted I remember I’m there to get in a good workout! 🙂

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