Say It Loud, Say It Proud “I read and write Fanfiction and I’m not ashamed!”


There was once a time where I could read a book in a day. I have proof in my closet. Stored in my old backpack are dozens of books that I have read. No, I haven’t stopped reading (I would be ashamed of writing this if I did)! But, I have moved on to reading different things such as…*Fanfiction.

Alright, so I didn’t just recently start reading Fanfiction, I’ve been reading it since I was 11. Along with reading it I’ve created a few stories of my own. Some of them just plain cheesy, and others borderline Edgar Allan Poe (alright, maybe not that great..and dark). But, reading and writing Fanfiction has allowed my imagination to grow, and for me to get lost in my thoughts throughout the day. Before, things in my mind were as simple as going from point A to point B. But now, I travel through the universe just by closing my eyes; taking in every star and seeing planets way beyond our solar system.

I guess my fascination with Fanfiction started when I was watching/reading something, and I hated the way it was going. This led me to search for writers who think the same way, and latch onto their stories. I don’t completely bash Vampire Diaries for not pairing Bonnie and Damon, but I love reading how others match up the pair (ahhh, if only this pairing were true..).

And I almost must say that Fanfiction has brought me through much of my tough times in school…such as being the nerdy loner. It’s true, I wasn’t as cool as I am now *cough*. During the school day, I would watch the clock, waiting for when I could rush home and read the update to my favorite story.

Whenever I tell someone I read Fanfiction (not sure HOW the topic comes up) I always get a weird look. You know, that “Don’t you have better things to do?” look. And don’t forget the million dollar question such as “Is it because you’re a hopeless romantic?”

Exploring and expanding my imagination is something great to do, and yes…I am a hopeless romantic. But that’s for another time.

So I end with saying: I will forever love my Fanfiction! Actually going to go read some right now.

*I capitalized Fanfiction and ignored the red line under the word (so tempting to right click) because I believe it needs more respect, darn it!


2 thoughts on “Say It Loud, Say It Proud “I read and write Fanfiction and I’m not ashamed!”

  1. My twelve year old nephew reads My Little Pony Fanfiction and wrote a bit of his own about a series of books involving warrior owls. I fear that if he comes across the wrong stuff he’s going to grow up attracted to horses haha. You’re a good enough writer that I’m sure the pieces you scrawled are fine, if not a tad embarrassing due to the genre they’re in 😉 This is a podcast I love that’s all about goofy Fanfiction and it kills me with laughter. Beyond R rated if that kind of thing bothers you, but definitely worth a listen:

    1. Hey, if someone introduced me to My Little Pony at the time, I would probably read some of those stories too. On a side note, I had NO idea that had My Little Pony Fanfiction. Ahaha, and don’t worry, I thrived on vampire fics and I’m in no way attr-okay maybe slightly (whoops).

      Oh trust me, I cringe looking back at them lol. Thanks for the link! I’m definitely gonna check it out now! 🙂

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