Tea, Intern Applications , The Bachelor–Oh My!

Cheers to the New Year!

No, I’m not going to bombard you with New Year resolutions that I will more than likely forget by February 1st. I will rather, in fact, talk about something else.

First thing’s first…tea. I’ve recently got into the craze of a “teatox” (a play on detox) by the name of TinyTea. The company, YourTea, claims that the tea, depending on which you choose, will gently cleanse your digestive system and reduce systems such as bloating. All you have to do is drink the tea 3 times a day, 3 minutes before each meal, and bam–you’re cleansed. There’s a 14 and 28 day option (I’m currently trying out the 28 day option).

I bet you’re thinking it sounds grueling–“30 minutes before each meal? Who has time to do that?!” Well yeah, I thought that way too, but my bloating was ridiculous and I figured I’d give it a shot. Plus, it allows me to cut down on snacking and think about what the heck I’m going to eat during my 30 minute wait. The good side? My bloating is cured—my insides are still jumping for joy at this late hour.

You should definitely check out this tea, it’s amazing. The website is YourTea.com.

Next on the list: Applications.

Jeeeez, Louise! If you’re a Louise who happens to read this, no offense, but I didn’t know applications could be so tedious. Thankfully resumes are universal in a sense, while cover letters are the spawn of Sata-Saints. Fine, cover letters aren’t so bad, especially since they show potential employers that you’re actually human, and not a spam bot.

However, I won’t let the spawn of Saints stop me from applying–I desperately need an internship. If you’re an employer reading this–Hello, I’m Melissa and I would love to intern for you. *smiles widely* Am I too desperate?

Finally on to The Bachelor. I haven’t watched The Bachelor in ages, okay maybe a year, but the craze of this new guy has caught my ears…and eyes. I mean, the guy’s name is Juan Pablo!



(This is from his Twitter by the way…such a diva).

It’s so catchy and he’s serious eye candy. Can we also point out how they only put girls with great careers, who happen to be gorgeous, on the show? No jealously, but I mean, there are great girls who may not have top careers, who are just as amazing. But hey, I’m not the casting director *shrug*.

Good luck to those women and to Juan Pablo. Hopefully Juan Pablo finds love. (His name is just so catchy!)

Until next time!


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