Don’t Pack On the Pounds In College

If you’re an incoming college freshman, or a returning student—congratulations! You’re probably nervous or excited…and maybe even worrying about putting on weight. It is no mistake, that weight gain in college is easy. From those late nights studying with pizza, and to those weekends when you just want to sleep.

When I first moved in, I was nervous–okay, terrified. I didn’t know where things were, including the gym. And I was way too nervous to go exploring (I still have no clue why I was so nervous!). To sum things up, I put on weight, and I wasn’t too happy. Who wants to put worry about their weight while exams are around every corner.

Find a workout buddy: This shouldn’t be too hard. You don’t have to search far and wide for one–start with your roommate!  Why not schedule gym days when you gals can go together?

Don’t go to bed hungry—snack healthy: Ever heard of the rule “don’t east past 7?” What if hungry strikes you like a lightning bolt–then what? Attempting to go to bed hungry can disturb your sleep (I mean, who wants to hear their belly crying out for help?) Instead of reaching for that local pizza joint’s number, stack up on light snacks such as carrot sticks, hummus and even whole grain bread. Then when you’re hungry at night, you can eat and not feel guilty.


Drink in moderation: Okay, I’m not here to lecture you on sobriety, but we all know that alcohol has tons of calories. Right? Well, if you didn’t know that now you do. Coors (12 oz) has about 149 calories; while a shot (about 1.5 oz) of vodka has about 109 calories. (Kent, Livestrong, 2012)  Simply put, drinking excessively, equals excessive calories And all those calories will go right to your hips, or stomach, or arms, back and thighs.

Visit the salad bar: Many universities have buffet style eating, and that means salad bars. Why not add some lettuce to your burger? Better yet, make sure there’s at least one vegetable/fruit on your plate each time you go for a meal.


(Try to be like this guy!)

If you’re currently in college, or a graduate, how did you stay fit? Share your tips below!


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