Posture Check

Up until about 3 years ago, I’ve had horrible posture–and I mean horrible. In public, I would slouch and walk around…sorta like Quasimodo. When it was time for me to sit, I would sit like a camel (okay…maybe not exactly.)

I didn’t see anything wrong with my posture at the time, but everyone else did. People would always say “stand up straight” but I always thought I was. It took a long look in the mirror for me to finally say “I am the Hunchback of Notre Dame!” Nope, it wasn’t a great thing to admit.

Am I still Quasimodo? No way! I’ve taken a few simple steps to correct my posture. If you’re at work, or even at home reading this, give it a try.


( gives us a great illustration!)

Imagine someone pulling your head up with a string: Okay, this is easier than it sounds. If you have ever seen puppet, you know that there are strings attached to their limbs. This makes it easy for the puppeteer to maneuver them around. Now, imagine yourself as the puppet, and the puppeteer is holding your head up straight with the string. Do you feel your back lengthening?

Attention!:  Pull back your shoulders, lift up your head and look straight ahead. Do you notice a difference?  Come on soldier, you don’t want to get your drill Sargent angry! Get out of your chair, and try this standing.

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle it back: Slowly start to shimmy your shoulders back until you feel that you are sitting straighter. Once you feel that you are sitting high, lift your shoulders up and down, up and down. Repeat this a few more times. By doing this, you are releasing any tension in your shoulders and upper back. Now do the wiggle!

Roll those shoulders: If the wiggle is a bit too embarrassing to do, then try simple shoulder rolls. Roll your shoulders a few times to release any tension.

These small tips, along with exercises that strengthen the back and core, have helped me to stand as tall as I can. Don’t expect great posture right away. It takes time, patience, and a greater awareness of your body.


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