Hump Day Appreciation–The Waiting Game

It’s Wednesday…the 4th day of the week—ack! And by now all of us should be sitting on the mountain, looking down at the remaining two days until the work week ends. If you’re older, and have been working for many years, then you may have always been looking forward to the end of the work week. New to the working world? Not a problem, because The Waiting Game even applies to those without a job.

You see, from the time we are young, we have always been waiting for something; to become a teenager, graduate high school, get a license, and so forth. Why is it that we are always waiting for something, instead of just enjoying the moment?

Life is too short to constantly be waiting. Today, you can be waiting to go on that long anticipated vacation, but who knows if you will see tomorrow. We all get so caught up that we forget to appreciate the here and now; the loved ones around us and the lives we have.

I invite you today to step away from The Waiting Game. Instead of sitting on that mountain and and preparing for the climb down, take time to breathe the fresh air. Allow your skin to soak up the sun, and the breeze to caress your skin.

Appreciate not only Wednesday, but everyday. Tomorrow is not promised.

How many years have you spent playing The Waiting Game?


Inhale. Exhale. Smile 🙂


5 thoughts on “Hump Day Appreciation–The Waiting Game

  1. I love this. Its beautiful, and amazingly true. I’ve just started to tell myself to not sit and look for the future, but to enjoy my day and being more productive in it. I don’t want to say I’ll do this, get to that, and never do it. It all starts with right now. And thats all there is to it, enjoy right now, don’t sit and wait for tomorrow. 🙂

      1. Thats all it takes, we’ve come to terms with our way of being, and now we’d like to change that, and make more out of our lives. 🙂 Its gonna make us the happiest people around, and thats gonna be beautiful, and I can only hope it spreads. 😀

  2. Luv your post..its a nice wake up call, people do tend to concentrate on the next, job, family, first house, better paying job, new car, dream goes on and on. Its nice to just relax and just enjoy this precious life we’ve been given.

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