Ways to Unwind at the End of the Work Week



(Grump Cat’s been working hardddd–meow!)

It’s Friday, Friday, time to get down on-well you guys know the rest. But give yourself a pat on the back, because you’ve once again survived another work week. You made it over the hump known as Wednesday and you’re finally at the other side of the mountain.

I know you guys are all tired (I know I am) and want to relax and kick up your aching feet. And rest your stiff back. So how exactly can you unwind at the end of the week?! Let’s see…

Watch Your Favorite Show: You know that one late night show you missed because you fell asleep a bit early..well now is the time to watch it. Relax on your bed or couch, and turn on your favorite show. Don’t forget to tune into the channel they come on–more than likely reruns will be on.


Curl Up with a Book: If you’ve been procrastinating a good read, now’s the time to stop slacking! Grab your favorite blanket, find a nice quiet place and read until you fall asleep. You’ll have good dreams for sure.


Blast Music: You worked darn hard this week and deserve to let loose! Put on your favorite song and dance around! Not sure what song to listen to? Go to Pandora, create a station and smile as your favorite tunes ring through your ears.

Or you could simply sleep. Did you see the hints above? Aha! If you’re too tired to walk to your bed…crawl to the nearest chair and start catching those zzzzzz’s!

How do you guys unwind at the end of a hectic work week?

Share below!


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