HighWaist Bikini Bottom–Oh so Flattering!

Tomorrow will officially be the first day of summer. Woohoo! And it’s time to get as much sun as possible before it starts getting cold and the days shorter! You may eventually find yourself at either an amusement park or the beach. And you know what that entails–picking a swimsuit. Let’s be honest, finding a great bikini bottom is harder than doing a handstand (okay..maybe not that hard..)

If you’re like me, and have the problem pooch sac (ack), a low-rise bikini bottom could be on the bottom of your list.

I’ve been doing some serious searching, and have discovered it–a high waist bikini bottom! Now, I knew these were around for awhile, but it never crossed my mind to buy a pair. And might I add they actually have ones that go above the bellybutton. So, what exactly do they do for your wonderful shape? Let’s see…

urban outfitters bikini

(Urban Outfitter’s High-Waist Bikini)

Accentuates the waist: The high waist bikini brings attention to your waist. It’s not bad attention, but a “check out my beautiful waist” kind of thing. And they come in all sorts of patterns!

Provides good coverage: If you’re like me, and you don’t like to show it all when you’re at the beach, then the high waist bikini is perfect for you. It does not show too much, but just the right amount so that you can be comfortable and not worry about something slipping out of place!

Comfortable: When I say comfortable, I’m talking about being able to eat what you want , and not have to worry about random folks staring at where your food is stored (a.k.a your stomach)! With low rise bikinis, I was always too embarrassed when my stomach would stretch after eating. No longer a problem–aaahhhh!


Here are some websites that sell high-waist bikini bottoms:






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