Saltfish–A Jamaican Dish

I’m sure you’re familiar with the popular cod fish that is salted and packaged! In Jamaica, this fish is used to create a very popular dish–ackee and saltfish. However, I did not have any ackee available. So, I chose to cook up some salt fish.


The final dish looks like this:


This dish can be served with just about anything! It does go best with white rice and fried plaintains!

(Alongside the salt fish is boiled green bananas and yellow yam–both which I purchased from a local grocery store).

Curious as to how you can make this dish? Read ahead:

First thing’s first: the boiling of the fish. Cooking the fish straight from the package would result in it being very salty) Boiling the fish removes a lot of the salt. So to start, put a few pieces of the salted fish into a pot and add enough water until the fish is completely covered. Then put it on the fire until it comes to a boil. Once the fish is boiled, pour off that water and then replace it with fresh water, then proceed to boil again. If you prefer your fish a little salty, you should taste a piece it after boiling it each time.



While the fish is boiling, cut up onions and tomatoes. How much you use is up to you, but about 1 onion is usually used to give the fish a nice flavor. Add a little over a quarter cup of oil (olive or vegetable) is then added to the pot of onions and tomatoes, along with blackpepper, seasonings. Put this aside.


Once the boiling of the salt fish is complete, using your hands, break the saltfish into smaller bits.Image

Turn the fire on underneath the tomatoes and onions and allow them to cook for about 5 minutes before adding the saltfish.

Allow everything to cook together for about 10 minutes more and then–voila!


It is complete! Serve with either white rice. Jamaicans enjoy this dish with either ackee, boiled yams, boiled bananas and boiled dumplings (all together even)!

Enjoy, friends!


One thought on “Saltfish–A Jamaican Dish

  1. OMG, I love salt fish, my two favs are saltfish and dumplings, and my saltfish fritters. yummy..

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