Happy Nose–ooh lala!

Today, I spent my day off with a trip to the mall. I had no intention of buying anything (honestly), I just wanted to stroll....but who goes to the mall and leaves without buying at least one thing. While walking, I came across my favorite store...Bath and Body Works. As soon as I stepped into the store, I … Continue reading Happy Nose–ooh lala!


Tofu Alfredo

While rummaging through my kitchen cabinets for food, I ran across a package of Alfredo sauce mix. And then I remembered I had tofu. So then I decided to conjure up something to eat--Tofu Alfredo. Things I used: Tofu, a pack of spaghetti, olive oil, a frying pans and a pot to boil the spaghetti … Continue reading Tofu Alfredo

Saltfish–A Jamaican Dish

I'm sure you're familiar with the popular cod fish that is salted and packaged! In Jamaica, this fish is used to create a very popular dish--ackee and saltfish. However, I did not have any ackee available. So, I chose to cook up some salt fish. The final dish looks like this: This dish can be … Continue reading Saltfish–A Jamaican Dish

Hello, to my new life!

I wish I would have discovered this earlier. It's really exciting knowing that I have all this space to write about whatever and whoever (nicely of course)! But, let's skip the opening.I am currently on summer break after finishing my first year of college--woo! It was really exciting, I learned a lot about myself and … Continue reading Hello, to my new life!